White Papers

What is a White Paper?
According to Webster’s New World Dictionary: “White paper: an official government report on some subject of less important or less complete than that treated in a white book or blue book: so called from the white paper used as binding”

A white paper originally was an official government report. Now the Sun Corporation has started a tradition in which companies or individuals create a document called a “white paper.” This document shares what a company or individual wants to let the public know about a new product, invention, or idea. The author of the white paper is making an announcement to the whole world about something.

White paper has some sort of format and is not strictly enforced or followed by authors. White paper has been around for years, and the British government had issued a number of historical white papers.

Now it is ZebraSoft’s turn to issue some white papers to the public, and they are the following:

Training White Paper
Project Framework White Paper
Project Management White Paper