Quick Overview

ZebraSoft provides answers to companies’ e-business question.

Our Mission
The founder of ZebraSoft is a software engineer and a professor of computer science who believes that experience and knowledge are the most essential foundation for companies. Therefore, ZebraSoft should be the agent for providing such foundation.

Target Companies
ZebraSoft targets small to medium size companies and has the capability to service any size business or company and help with Internet and software solutions.

Small Business
ZebraSoft can help develop a web site for any size company. We provide guidance on how to run business on the Internet. We customize the web site to fit your budget and business need and help with future plans for their business.

Medium Size Companies
Software for medium size companies involves architect, design and development plus the required hardware to run the software. ZebraSoft can help with architect, design, and development and has software packages, consulting and training for technology trend and knowledge transfer. We basically provide the know how for developing software for Internet and companies’ applications. We also have a management package that helps management teams increase their efficiency by providing a cutting-edge structure for projects.

Big Business
Helping big business is a tough task, but ZebraSoft provides tools such as software and management packages, consulting and cutting-edge training that speed and structure software projects. We provide the latest technologies and methodologies to our clients. For example, our Project Framework Planner Package helps cut software development time in half, which saves time, money and effort. Our Management Package puts a structure to managing projects, by providing cutting-edge processes and tasks for everyone on a project without conflict, duplication of work or chaos.

Java Solution
Developing software for the Internet is not an easy task and there are numerous ways of doing the same thing. Sun Microsystems has developed a new computer language or actually a new technology known as Java. Java has evolved into Internet and application solutions for software. We are using Java as our technology for developing Internet and application software. Our website has an anchor called “Java Solution”, which has another anchor called “Java Technical Solution”. These web pages give more details about Java. Visitors may look at these web pages and especially the figure at the end of the “Java Technical Solution”. This figure helps in giving a picture of how and what software should be used on various parts of the Internet and its complexity.

Can Businesses regardless of their size benefit from Java?
Java is a tool like any other development tool. Web pages, software and secure links can benefit from Java methods and approach. Simply, Java can be used to make web pages more user-friendly and interactive and have a quicker and accurate respond.

World Wide Web
World Wide Web (the web for short) is really the future for business, research and education. The technology behind the web is very complex and there are several approaches to the same task. Software engineers may not see eye-to-eye on their handling of software design and development for the web. ZebraSoft has developed a software package called Project Framework Planner that has layers of software (known as tiers). The design is divided into three or more layers. Each layer is an independent program that works with other layers to service the client. The analogy of that is the specialization of retailers, wholesalers and manufactures. Each is an independent part and has a unique role or tasks. They all work together to service the client. The “e-Commerce” page covers more details on the subject. Project Framework Planner White Paper page has a figure at the end of the page that helps in giving a picture to the ZebraSoft’s approach to web architect and design.

Both “e-Demos” and ““e-Commerce”” pages have a number of anchors that illustrate what a client can do with our Project Framework Planner Package. With this package, a client can build web sites and Internet programs needed to develop any of the following or anything else:

          · Running Insurance Model
          · Security Using Applets
          · Run International Marble Demo
          · Run Art Store Demo (Shopping Cart)
          · ZebraSoft Fashion Designer
          · Time Sheet - Payroll
          · Run database update

Visitors are welcome to run each of the demos and try to see their functionality.

White Papers
The sole purpose of White Papers is to address technical issues. Non-technical visitors may be intimidated by their language and material. We do welcome any suggestions or comments.

Tutorial and Download
Tutorial and Download are technical resources to help visitors with concepts and sample code. Non-technical visitors may find them intimidating by their language and contents. We do welcome any suggestions or comments.

Security is a big issue for doing business on the Internet. ZebraSoft has formulated a simple solution that can be used with any Internet transaction. “Security Using Applets” on the “e-Demos” page is one of our simple approaches to security. The idea behind our approach is to change the transmitted information using a mathematical formula before it is transmitted, transmit the changed information and then changed it back to its original information using the reverse of the mathematical formula. This technique is the oldest in the book and mathematical formulas can be created with no limits. The analogy of that is the spy code used in the First and Second World Wars.