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The challenge for today's companies is finding a way to bring together the growing cost and difficulty of developing and deploying Web and Client/Server applications. To minimize time, effort, the potential risk, cost of development and technical problems, companies have been searching for methods, approaches and tools that enable them to have leverage on leading technologies to architect and manage best-fit solutions.

ZebraSoft offers a broad range of leading-edge tools, training and solutions built upon the most robust, scalable and open development systems available on the market today. Development can shift focus from fixing bugs to delivering the highest quality systems with unique customization, integration and management capabilities. Our solutions, packages, and training allow for customization to meet companies specific business needs.
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Our Packages enable companies to comprehensively and effectively manage, develop and deploy Web and Client/Server applications and rapidly deliver successful and cost-effective solutions. They enable companies truly meet their implementation needs. They provide an open, scalable and secure tools that add to companiesí intuitive capabilities. Our Framework Planner reduces companiesí technical risk and decreases your implementation timeline. They are ready-to-use applications for building Web and Client/Server applications. Companies can perform analysis, architet, manage and implement e-commerce systems taking full advantage of the packages structure and approach.

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Companiesí business needs are unique; technologies are getting more complex, and finding successful and cost-effective solutions to address these needs may require a combination of professional consulting, training, and support services. These needs can't be solved by technology alone and companies need great people to architect, implement, and manage projects. ZebraSoft offers a total service solution that can help companies achieve their business needs.

ZebraSoft specializes in providing end-to-end Java solutions to help companies develop an N-tier Web system. ZebraSoft packages, training, mentoring consulting and support can help companies develop business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and Java applications for a Web system. Technologies we are using: Java, IBM WebSphere, Servlets, Applets, AWT and swing, RMI, JDBC, JSP, Threads, Java Beans, J2EE, HTML and JavaScript, OO, OOD, UML, RUP, C and C++. Our Guidance with the technology trend and knowledge transfer is a sure aid in creating a team that is capable of producing quality and successful Web and Client/Server applications.

Complexities and dynamic of Software projects may require team training, which ought to be tailored to fit team's specific needs. Software projects need to be effectively managed, developed and deployed and the trainingís methods, approaches and practical experience should enable the team to have leverage on leading technologies to architect, manage and develop best-fit solutions. The training should increase the teamís overall knowledge and skills.

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Our training courses combine field-experience, the know-how and hands-on. A pre-course survey of the team and the manager is conducted to determine the backgrounds of each student, the goals, skill levels and the course pace. Our courses are hands-on lab/lecture with proper pace to enables trainees to gain the needed knowledge and skills. Courses can be conducted both in-house and on-site.

Our trainers bring more than knowledge to every engagement; they bring the know-how and the hands-on experience of the real world. They are software professionals who have the understanding of how technologies are deployed, used, and managed in today's business. They bring the larger picture of realistic and real world exercises.