ZebraSoft Project Management Planner(PMP)

Project management is an emerging profession. It may involve a single unit of organization or may cross-organizational boundaries. It is critical to realization of the performance of business and implementation of strategies. It is branching into a number of disciplines such as follows:

        Process Management
        Human Resource Management
        Development Management
        Change Control Management
        Configuration Manager
        Project Management
        Procurement Management

The knowledge areas, experiences, best practices and approaches are overwhelming and managers may need a tool that will control and structure the tasks at hand.

PMP is a tool that implements the knowledge areas, experiences, best practices and approaches into a structure that helps managers start, plan, execute, control and end projects.

The following PMP link is a Web-based demo for our PMP package for anyone to try.
Our PMP full version is also available for a free-30-days trail.
Click on here to start the demo: Project Management Planner (PMP)

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