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This is a demo of an e-commerce business on the Internet. Customers can check their purchases information as well as the history of their purchases. Our package can be designed to work with any database or we can create a text database for small business. The text database provides most the standard database features such as store and search, but with some limitation on the size and functionality. We are presenting the following categories to show the power and the flexibility of this Z e-Store package.

This is a spreadsheet demo of how customers can edit their account information. Basically, it is a window to the customer order information bank. Customer can pay bills or handle account information.

Purchases History:
This presents all the purchases made by the customer including the date and time of these purchases.

Last Purchase Made:
This show the last purchase made by the customer.

To use these features a customer must have made at least one purchase and used an email address in the order section. The customer email is used as the login ID for retrieving the customer information. The password is an optional since this is a demo and no need to protect the customer information. Basically, the email is used to open a text file on the server to retrieve the information.

This package can trailed to fit any Internet business or services. We can customize the package to any B2B or B2C accounting services.